• Why Your Manteca Dentist Loves Thanksgiving Leftovers

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    Thanksgiving is just around the corner and many of us are already salivating at the different menu items we get to enjoy during this time with loved ones. As we consume several meals worth of calories in a single sitting, remember that moderation is key, and over-indulgence is okay every once in a while. A single serving of these foods, however, is quite beneficial to your oral health. Manteca Dentist Loves Thanksgiving Leftovers! Consider saving some of the dishes for leftovers, and your smile will reap the benefits. Our Manteca dentist team challenges you to get creative with your leftovers to benefit from the nutrients as long as you can.

    Green Beans

    Did you know that green beans are actually a fruit? They are widely known as veggies, but the legumes have seeds. These “veggies” are a great source of Vitamins A, B-complex, C, K, and manganese. The Vitamin A not only helps produce saliva, assisting in healthy digestion, but can help clear away food particles in your teeth, which would otherwise lead to decay. B-complex is a less acidic alternative to coffee, providing a clean energy and metabolism boost. Vitamin C is great for your immune system and restores soft tissue for healthy gums. Vitamin K regulates blood calcium levels and is known as the “blood-clotting” vitamin. Bone development is supported by Manganese. 


    Cranberries are loaded with Vitamin C, fiber, and manganese. Any damage to the soft tissue in your mouth and gums is repaired with assistance by Vitamin C. Fiber is essential for healthy digestion. Remember to brush your teeth and drink extra water after a dish like cranberry sauce to wash away some of the extra sugar. If you’re making the cranberry sauce, try adding cut oranges or apples instead of sugar. 

    Yams or Sweet Potatoes

    Yams, sweet potatoes, purple sweet potatoes… whichever is your go-to tuber, it’s got some great health benefits hiding underneath all those marshmallows. The Vitamin A is essential for your digestive system, helping you to produce saliva and move the food away from your teeth and through you properly.


    Leftover turkey is a common fridge item in the days after a Thanksgiving feast. The protein in turkey can benefit you by making you feel full, and less likely to reach for excessive pumpkin pie. The protein also assists in keeping your teeth healthy.

    Everything you eat is vital to your teeth, your overall health, and your wellbeing. Our Manteca dentist loves Thanksgiving leftovers and reminds you to brush and floss when you choose sweet treats. Give yourself permission to indulge every once in a while. Time with loved ones is a great opportunity to show your gratitude. Be inspired to share your smile every single moment. Be grateful for the meals, the people, and the experiences in your life. We would also be grateful if you gave our Facebook page a like!