• Considering a New Toothbrush for the New Year?

  • Manteca dentist

    Your Manteca dentist wishes you a happy 2020! This is the best time to get organized, synchronize your calendar, and plan for the upcoming months. It’s recommended to replace your toothbrush every few months to protect your teeth from any bacteria that may be hiding in your old toothbrush and to ensure the bristles are effective. They naturally wear down over time, so replacing your toothbrush every few months supports your efforts. If your tools are dull, the job may not be as effective. Here are a few options that your Manteca dentist wants you to consider when purchasing a new toothbrush this year:

    Manual vs. Electric

    Classic toothbrushes are manual. They require your effort and more muscle to brush correctly. Electric toothbrushes typically have several options for brush movements. They may have a built-in timer and different options for the movement that your muscles may not be able to accomplish. Ultrasonic movements are quick vibrations that the head or bristles change into. Make sure that your electric toothbrush can also move in gentle circles, as this is the most effective for a deep clean.

    Toothbrush Head

    The head of the toothbrush is typically square- or diamond-shaped. Diamond-shaped heads can fit into tighter spaces than squares, and may support those who have less space… for instance, those who have not had their wisdom teeth removed.

    Bristle Designs

    Your oral hygiene can be supported by choosing the right toothbrush. The layout and design of the bristles fit differently for different smiles. A basic square design can work well for some, while others who have more plaque buildup may benefit from criss-cross bristles. A way or multi-level bristle design may support you in reaching those tight corners and adjacent areas. Polishing bristles are better for those who may have a history of drinking coffee or smoking or other vices that cause discoloration. The integrity of the bristles can be verified by looking for an ADA seal. These toothbrush bristles won’t fall out in your mouth.

    Softness or Hardness

    How hard or soft your bristles are can support your unique needs as well. Children and those who have gentle gums, or are at greater risk for periodontal disease should consider a toothbrush with softer bristles. Those who have more plaque buildup should consider a toothbrush with tougher bristles to break through those layers and get to your teeth. Pay attention to gum recession to ensure the toughness of your bristles (and the toughness that you brush your teeth with) is appropriate.

    Toothbrush Handle

    Since you vote with your dollar, consider that the choices you make can affect the products sold in the future. By opting for better quality products, the products that you purchase every few months may change or become obsolete. For as long as toothbrushes have been around, they’ve made many updates to the quality of products used and for more specific needs than a one-size-fits-all product. A classic rectangular handle may work better for those who have more control or dexterity in their hands. A toothbrush with a gripped handle may be more useful for those who have gentle gums, just in case of a small slip of the hand (water seems to make items more slippery) that could be painful in your teeth or gums. Calculated or adaptable handles can help you get those hard-to-reach corners. There are also toothbrushes for left-handed humans, with a different shape than the majority of the population.

    Consider the raw materials used in the products you purchase as well. For items that need to be replaced frequently, like toothbrushes. Where do the old toothbrushes go? They’re likely tossed in the garbage with your other waste. If these are made of plastic, we as a society are throwing away a massive amount of plastic in toothbrushes alone. There are more eco-friendly options for toothbrushes in the marketplace now than there were years ago. Recycled yogurt cups, bamboo, and wood are all relatively available in the same stores or online. You have such a wide variety of choices to consider, we encourage you to think about which is the best toothbrush to replace your old model with. By making a different choice than you’ve always made, you may set yourself up for success in unexpected ways!

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