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  • Are You Brushing Your Teeth Well?

    Our Manteca Dentist frequently sees patients who are surprised to realize they have not been brushing their teeth well enough. Your smile depends on your awareness and dedication to good oral hygiene practices. Here are a few gentle reminders for your dental health awareness: Brush for Two [...]

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    Choose These Summer Snacks for A Great Smile

    It’s pretty common to focus on your health during the first month of the year. You get new running shoes or a yoga mat as a holiday present and vow to make your health a priority. It’s less common to stay focused on your goals than it is to decide on them. There are so many temptations, [...]

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    Oral Cancer Screening in Manteca

    With April at an end, our Manteca dentist wants to take one last opportunity to share some thoughts about oral cancer so you can understand why oral cancer screenings are important.  This month has been deemed Oral Cancer Awareness Month; a time in which dental professionals take a little [...]

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    Why Mouthguards are Important for Youth Sports

    Nearly 25 million young boys and girls participate in youth sports in the United States.  Sports teach young children about health and wellness, dedication, and teamwork; skills which will last a lifetime.  Youth sports have many great benefits, but at the same time hidden dangers.  Their [...]

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    February is Dental Health Month for Children

    This week marks the end of National Children’s Dental Health Month, but that doesn’t mean the celebration needs to come to a close.  As the dentist Manteca families trust for their cosmetic dentistry and family oral health needs, we want to continue the conversation.  Good oral hygiene [...]

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