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  • Do I need an Implant?

    It is horrible when your plans have are interrupted by tooth pain.  It keeps you up at night, and even ruins your appetite while tempting treats cause sensitivity issues.  So what’s causing your tooth pain?  Luckily, our Manteca dentist is on hand to help diagnose the problem.  As the [...]

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    Maximize Your Dental Insurance

    With 2019 fast approaching, you may want to take a few moments to review your health insurance policy.  Are you leaving money on the table?  Traditionally, less than five percent of people with insurance use the money that has been allotted to them via their policy.  So are you [...]

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    Quit Smoking and Get a Great Smile

    National Smoke-out Day fell on November 15th this year.  So what did that mean for you if you were a smoker?  To many, it won’t mean enough.  To others ready to quit smoking, it was a great time to take the steps toward quitting the habit forever.   As a dentist Manteca patients turn to for [...]

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    A Healthy Halloween Survival Guide for your Smile

    Kids across the city are gearing up for Halloween tonight and relishing in the amounts of candy they’ll be hauling in this year.  What they might not realize is that October isn’t just known for Halloween.  In our office we and our Manteca dentist celebrate National Dental Hygiene Month.  [...]

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    Building a Beautiful Smile

    A variety of solutions exist when you are looking to have a great smile.  Yet the first step in a good smile is a great oral hygiene routine.  Flossing each day and brushing at least two times a day results in a healthy mouth day after day.  In addition to oral hygiene, however, it is also [...]

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