• Testimonials

  • Dear Dr. Ammar,

    This is to Thank You for saving my life. You performed oral surgery on July 29, 2017. When I returned for completion of the procedure, the oral surgery was not healing well, still bleeding when it should have been completely healed.

    It was not healing correctly and you encouraged me to go to a medical doctor and find out what the problem was as you determined it was not a dental issue but a medical issue. I had been bruising so I had intended to call the doctor and ask about it but fortunately for me because of your insistence I decided to send an e-mail to my doctor that day. The next day the.y drew blood to see what the problem was and low and behold my platelets were down to 2K, normai140- 400K, way too low. My doctor {Or. Wong) called me that very afternoon and told me to go to emergency, she had arranged with Dr. Ng to take care of me once I arrived.

    My platelets being down to 2K I was bleeding to death and didn 't know it, I felt fine but was bruising with the slightest bump or pull. While in the hospital they gave me Immune Glovamma that they believed would help and it did, it brought my platelets up to 20K while there. Progress so after two 6 hours transfusions of Immune Glovamma I was released.

    My platelets are now up to 130 which my doctor told me today is good and that I'm on the road to recovery.

    My diagnosis was Thrombocyfopenia or ITP.

    Thank you Dr. Ammar. My medical doctors said to Thank you as well, it was a good call and I certainly appreciate it.

    Mary L.